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Our welcome to newgrounds community!

2016-06-12 07:27:30 by elfgamesworks

This news started with a "hey, we should write a description for Newgrounds". Then it was like "ok, let's do it". But we were at work. So we went back home and we were like "hey, let's write what we wrote this morning, it's cool". And there we are.

We started as a duo, a programmer and an artist. We created things mostly using RPG Maker. Using this tool we managed to create the first playable build of Little Briar Rose, our most critically acclaimed project which won the Third Place for the Non-RPG category at the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014. The project grew and grew until it became a full game developed with Unity and soon to be released! 
In the meantime we worked on another project, Oh! I'm Getting Taller!, with the help of a dude who pretends to be a game designer - but he's not, he's a liar! - and a red rabbit. We made it for the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest and we won the prize for the best Platform game. People say it's colorful and fun, and colorful, and fun, and even colorful!

But, most of all, it's FREE! What you are about to play is a refined version of the prototype we released for the contest, but we are still working on it as we write, the plans are to make it last longer, have more endings, more colours, puzzles and stuff to do.

Well, this is it. Try our games out, follow us on Facebook and Twitter but, most of all, have fun!


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2016-06-12 12:21:29

Welcome! Congrats on your wins.
Looks like they were well deserved :D

elfgamesworks responds:

Thank you! :D
Did you enjoy "Oh! I'm Getting Taller"?